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Helping you find health and happiness!

Reiki * Energy Healing * Crystal Layouts

Helping you find

health and happiness!

Reiki * Energy Healing * Crystal Layouts

Reiki with Theta * Energy Healing * Crystal Layouts

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I want to help you access your body’s natural healing power! I offer deep relaxation, the chance to change unconscious beliefs that don’t serve you, healing crystal energy, and downloads of skills that are missing from your life.


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Reiki * Energy Healing * Crystal Layouts

I want to help you access your body’s natural healing power! I offer deep relaxation, the chance to change unconscious beliefs that don’t serve you, healing crystal energy, and downloads of skills that are missing from your life.

What is PNW LightWorks?

by Sacred Life Photography

In our physical world, Light is the visible spectrum of electromagnetic energy. In the spiritual world, we expand this definition to include all electromagnetic energy.

Most people are familiar with the fact that ‘things’ emit or take in certain frequencies of electromagnetic energy: radio waves, x-rays, lasers. Living things also have electromagnetic frequencies: plants, animals, humans. While the frequency of a laser will be like a single tone or note, the frequency of a human body is comprised of the various frequencies of each organ, making a complex chord. Emotions have energy frequencies also – the frequencies of love and compassion are quite high, while the frequencies of hate and anger are low and dense. When a person has a lot of dense energy, they don’t usually feel so great, and don’t have a sense of well-being.

PNW LightWorks works with energy to remove disturbances to the client’s sense of well-being. This increases appreciation, gratitude, love, and compassion to allow more Peace and Harmony in life.

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Reiki - Sessions and Classes

It is commonly recognized that relaxation allows the physical body’s natural healing to take place.  Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese relaxation technique addressing mind, body, and spirit. “Rei”, loosely translated, means guided by spiritual consciousness, and “Ki” means life energy. Reiki can be thought of as spiritually guided life energy, using the energy frequencies of unconditional love and compassion.

My Usui/Holy Fire Master level training is through Jelan Petersen ( whose Reiki training lineage includes William Lee Rand (International Center for Reiki Training) up through Dr. Mikao Usui (Usui Shiki Ryoho).  I received the Holy Fire II upgrade ( from William Lee Rand.  I teach the ICRT Usui/Holy Fire II Ryoho (teaching method), which encourages students to follow their own connection with Spirit/the Divine/the Universe in practicing Reiki.

What is a Reiki session like? The client remains fully clothed and lies comfortably on a table while the practitioner places hands in various positions on or near the body. This can also be done in a hospital bed, recliner, or chair. You will likely experience deep relaxation and peacefulness, some of which will persist long after the session. Most clients fall asleep at least part of the time. It is the deep relaxation that allows the body’s natural healing to take place.

Reiki is done in person and remotely - the first session is normally in person. Half hour and 1 hour sessions available.

See Upcoming Events section for currently scheduled Reiki Usui/Holy Fire II classes. Please inquire for other dates!.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is based on ThetaHealing® but can also include Ascension, remote Reiki, and Crystal energy.  I’ve found that these additions help the ThetaHealing work flow more smoothly, gently, and easily.

Energy Healing gets to the root causes of:

  • Chaos in your life
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Dis-ease
  • Emotional issues
  • Phobias and fears
  • Unwanted habits and addictions
  • Beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Saying ‘Yes’ while acting ‘No’
  • Blocks to manifesting what you want

Other benefits of Energy Healing include:

  • Learning to notice and trust your intuition
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhancement of spiritual connection
  • Expansion of awareness
  • Downloads of missing feelings, knowledge, wisdom and understanding
  • Experiencing Unconditional Love moving through and healing the body

The scientific community is gathering more and more evidence that thoughts produce emotion, emotions produce chemical release and affect DNA, and the chemicals and DNA affect the environment around us (think universal web of consciousness) including our individual health. Energy Healing can help replace negative thoughts (which produce harmful chemicals in the body) with positive thoughts (which produce helpful chemicals in the body).

~Explore the power of Energy Healing to support
your spiritual growth and well-being~

Energy Healing is efficient, convenient, and occurs only with the client’s permission. Generally it takes only a few Energy Healing sessions to produce significant results; sometimes one is enough to produce remarkable improvements. You do not have to experience pain or relive trauma to heal, though at the same time, many clients experience emotional release. The healing may take several days to fully integrate, since the healing process occurs for you at the speed and intensity that is in your highest and best interest.

What is an Energy Healing session like? As practitioner and client, we will first talk about what’s happening in your life or what you want to address during the session. With your permission, I will do a reading where I’m quiet and concentrating on your energetic space to get guidance about how to best help you. Lots of things can come next – more discussion to uncover underlying beliefs, ‘downloads’ of templates that you didn’t pick up earlier in life, energy testing, changing the beliefs you are ready to change, etc. This is a participatory type of healing where the client discusses their needs and is heard.

Energy Healing sessions are most often done over the phone or Skype and take about an hour. Energy Healing can also help pets.


ThetaHealing is a powerful yet simple technique incorporating meditation, prayer and quantum mechanics. The ThetaHealing Practitioner goes into the theta brain wave (4-7 hz) state (meditation), commands a healing through the universal web of consciousness (also known as Creator/God/Spirit/etc.) (prayer), and witnesses the collapse of the probability wave field to a particle state, thereby transforming energy and beliefs (quantum mechanics).

ThetaHealing® began in 1995 when Vianna Stibal, a naturopath, massage therapist, intuitive reader, and mother of three young children, was diagnosed with cancer that was quickly destroying her right femur. All conventional and alternative medicine treatments she tried had failed. Then she learned that the technique she used in psychic readings could heal, and was able to heal her own leg, which continues to be healthy and cancer free. She has discovered and refined ThetaHealing techniques over the years and travels around the world teaching people to use this powerful technique to transform their lives.


My sabbatical is for immersing myself in an Ascension Teacher Training from May into November of 2016 - I am so excited to be doing this!  

From the Ishayas’ Ascension website: Ascension “is a simple, profoundly effective way to rise immediately and permanently beyond the stress of self-limiting belief. Based on appreciation, gratitude and love, this technique gently redirects our attention away from problem-oriented thinking back to the deepest truth of our being - unconditional love and gratitude.” Since this technique can be used with eyes open (as well as closed), it is easy to add the high frequency energy of appreciation, gratitude, and love through Ascension during all of my energy work!

Crystal Layouts

Crystals also have specific frequencies of energy.  For example, Rose Quartz emits a frequency of Love.  Various crystals can be brought in to help all energy work flow more smoothly.

ThetaHealing can also allow you to experience a journey into three or four of your most significant past lives. Crystals are placed to comfort, enhance, and allow the intellect to accept making the journey. After experiencing the journey, with your permission we will download the knowledge, skills, remembrance and wisdom you gained in these lifetimes, allowing your energetic talents to become more powerful and potent. A crystal layout is an excellent means for integrating the gifts you have to contribute to this transformative era of humanity.

What is a Crystal Layout session like? We will discuss which past lives you would like to visit, from as specific as “when I was the most adored” or as open as “the life that would be most helpful to me now”. You will lie on a comfortable table under a blanket for the duration of the session. The crystals will be placed, my hands will be under your shoulders, and we’ll go on your journey! There will be discussion about what is happening in the lives and, with your permission, the significance of the lives will be downloaded to you in your current life.

Crystal layouts must be done in person and generally takes about 2 hours.

Current 'in person" locations (Washington State):

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